Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pepsi Can Stove / Soda Can Stove

"The Pepsi Can stove is composed of four parts: three pieces made from soda cans and some foil tape. Two soda can bottoms are the exterior pieces. The upper can is turned upside down and fits over the lower can. The center "bowl" of the upper can is cut out making a large hole for easy fuel filling and lighting. Small burner holes are made around the perimeter of the top section. A cylinder made from the wall of a third soda can serves as an interior wall to the stove, thus the stove has a hollow double wall construction like the Trangia. Heat resistant foil tape holds the two exterior pieces together and prevents flame leaks."

There are several versions of this stove posted online, each made of the bottoms of a pair of aluminum cans filled with Perlite and pressed together into a capsule shape. According to the reviews, they work well using alcohol as fuel. I will make one of these soon. Pictures and updates to follow.

I haven't written much here in the last six months; the reason has been, I think, the disease of perfectionism. I'll try lazy-but-more-often blogging instead. The perfectionism was my '1' wing peeking out...that will be explained presently. Posted by Picasa


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