Friday, February 11, 2005

New Bike!

Lisa got me a new bike for Christmas, and here it is: a Biria TC Top-3 city bike, which I had been coveting ever since I saw it in a Cambridge bicycle shop last September. The bike is an aluminum-framed three-speed with a SRAM internal hub. It has front and rear hand brakes, and a coaster-brake in the rear hub.

In this picture, it is outfitted with winter tires: studded 700cx35 Nokians. The regular tires are much larger, 700x47 or so. The step-through frame is useful when one has a bag of groceries on the rack. Eventually I'll get a pair of rear baskets.

I keep it locked to a post outside our house - the whole idea of this kind of bike is that it lives outside, requires minimal care, and is always ready to go.

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