Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Biria Touring City TC-Top 3

While not as well-known as the strange "EZ Boarding" series, this is an excellent utility bicycle. It is a purpose-built utility, not a hybrid with fenders and rack attached as an afterthought. It has an aluminum frame, 700c wheels with large 45c-wide tires (road bikes usually have 22-35c tires), a generator light set, metal chainguard, sprung seat, and handlebars well above the seat. The Birias have relaxed frame-angles, similar to an old roadster or english three-speed. The wheelbase (the distance between the front and rear axles) is long. Compared to a modern road- or mountain bike, riding a Biria feels like driving a truck, but in a good way. This bike makes one feel like a 12-year-old perched on a parent's three speed.

While the step-through frame is seen as a "woman's" bike style, it is useful when carrying large cargo on the rear rack. Mounting a "man's" bike frame with a large box tied onto the rack is not convenient - one has to sort of jump up over the top tube, instead of kicking a foot around behind the seat. Also, a step-through frame is easier to ditch out of during winter riding.

Lisa almost chose this bike, but decided on the Breezer Citizen instead. Posted by Hello


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